Massive big-ups to the DJs, bloggers, and podcasters who listened to my songs and provided feedback. Thank you for the love and support!


"Awesome! Sounds great—a smoother feel overall on the mix. I like the slowly opening filtered synth line. Thanks for sending over!"

 DJ Pfeif on Perfect Female Type


"Nice atmosphere on this one!"

DNB Dojo on The Monte Carlo Job


“Your tunes have been getting awesome feedback recently. I had a special request a couple of weeks ago for one of your tracks. Big up!”  

- DJ Pfeif on Arcade Racer


“Sooooo good!! So very happy to connect with you - these tracks are amazing 😍 So Incognito I think I will open my show with - looove it.”  

- DJ Footnotes on So Incognito


“Hey man! This is a wicked mix! Props! Just thought I’d let you know 👊🏻🙂”  

- DJ Prospect on Oaks - Snow (Orbr’s Lost in 96 Mix)


"That drop is madness!!! Love it!!!"

- DJ S2PS, Curator of UKG Proper and resident DJ at Drum and Bass Proper, The Distinguished, and Altitude Sickness, on Turquoise Rush


 "This is cool, definitely a bit different from the average D&B release! Will support :)"

DNB Dojo on Drunken Noodles


"big ups mate i will play this on drum & bass network radio."

- DJ Quantize on Drunken Noodles


"Nice one man, like these beats. Thanks for sending!"

- Mauoq on Cold Steps EP


"Solid stuff!"

- DNB Dojo on Cold Steps EP


"Dope 1!"

- Ill Omen on Categories


“Like the vibes in these man. Distress my pick. Thx for sending”

- Mauoq on Distress Call


“Sounding nice Jason! Love a bit of rapid arpeggio synth action! Will stick this down for support in October.”

- DNB Dojo on Arcade Racer


"Brilliant slice of culture here. This is a time capsule of sound and groove that really embodies the spirit of early breakbeat music. These sounds reign supreme."

- Ill Omen on Orbr's Awkward '90s Electronica days



/ / /




“Horn of Babylon is killing it! Every time I play it on the air, it gets a great response. People from around the world were into it. Great tune — keep them coming!” 

- DJ Pfeif, Hack the Planet, Drum and Bass Network Radio, USA 


“YES KING!!! Literal hands in the air listening... + Ragga Twins? SLAM DUNK. Solid bass, tight breaks and sweet vocals." 

- T-Bird, Something Else! Radio, Barcelona, Spain 


“A dark and dirty roller with elements in the breakdown harkening back to 90s atmospheric, plus The Ragga Twins doing what they do best!” 

- DJ Sejika, KTUH 90.3 Honolulu - Hawaii, USA 


“Yes!! This sounds fresh as fook!! Ragga Twins kill it as usual and solid production from Orbr. Pure heavyweight vibes..." 

- DJ VinylStyle, Subtone Society, Nottingham, UK 


“Classic ragga d'n'b alert! Brilliant beats, hoovering bass, top toastin' and even some ravey chipmunkin' voices make this a must play for my Chilli Beat Science show on RadioReverb (and for the live dancefloor if and when). 10/10” 

- Clive Craske, Radio Reverb 97.2 FM, Brighton, UK 


“Big sounds, can't wait to hear it move through the big speakers!” 

- Chris Dart-Kelly, RTR FM 92.1 Full Frequency, Perth, Western Australia