Massive big-ups to the DJs, bloggers, and podcasters who listened to my songs and provided feedback. Thank you for the love and support!



“Horn of Babylon is killing it! Every time I play it on the air, it gets a great response. People from around the world were into it. Great tune — keep them coming!”

- DJ Pfeif, Hack the Planet, Drum and Bass Network Radio, USA


“YES KING!!! Literal hands in the air listening... + Ragga Twins? SLAM DUNK. Solid bass, tight breaks and sweet vocals."

- T-Bird, Something Else! Radio, Barcelona, Spain


“A dark and dirty roller with elements in the breakdown harkening back to 90s atmospheric, plus The Ragga Twins doing what they do best!”

- DJ Sejika, KTUH 90.3 Honolulu - Hawaii, USA


“Yes!! This sounds fresh as fook!! Ragga Twins kill it as usual and solid production from Orbr. Pure heavyweight vibes..."

- DJ VinylStyle, Subtone Society, Nottingham, UK


“Classic ragga d'n'b alert! Brilliant beats, hoovering bass, top toastin' and even some ravey chipmunkin' voices make this a must play for my Chilli Beat Science show on RadioReverb (and for the live dancefloor if and when). 10/10”

- Clive Craske, Radio Reverb 97.2 FM, Brighton, UK


“Big sounds, can't wait to hear it move through the big speakers!”

- Chris Dart-Kelly, RTR FM 92.1 Full Frequency, Perth, Western Australia




“Your tunes have been getting awesome feedback recently. I had a special request a couple of weeks ago for one of your tracks. Big up!”  

- DJ Pfeif on Arcade Racer


“Sooooo good!! So very happy to connect with you - these tracks are amazing 😍 So Incognito I think I will open my show with - looove it.”  

- DJ Footnotes on So Incognito


“Hey man! This is a wicked mix! Props! Just thought I’d let you know 👊🏻🙂”  

- DJ Prospect on Oaks - Snow (Orbr’s Lost in 96 Mix)


"That drop is madness!!! Love it!!!"

- DJ S2PS, Curator of UKG Proper and resident DJ at Drum and Bass Proper, The Distinguished, and Altitude Sickness on Turquoise Rush


 "This is cool, definitely a bit different from the average D&B release! Will support :)"

DNB Dojo on Drunken Noodles


"big ups mate i will play this on drum & bass network radio."

- DJ Quantize on Drunken Noodles


"Nice one man, like these beats. Thanks for sending!"

- Mauoq on Cold Steps EP


"Solid stuff!"

- DNB Dojo on Cold Steps EP


"Dope 1!"

- Ill Omen on Categories


“Like the vibes in these man. Distress my pick. Thx for sending”

- Mauoq on Distress Call


“Sounding nice Jason! Love a bit of rapid arpeggio synth action! Will stick this down for support in October.”

- DNB Dojo on Arcade Racer


"Brilliant slice of culture here. This is a time capsule of sound and groove that really embodies the spirit of early breakbeat music. These sounds reign supreme."

- Ill Omen on Orbr's Awkward '90s Electronica days