Orbr is the intrepid jungle avatar of longtime Minneapolis producer Jason Herrboldt. Fusing sci-fi sound effects with fresh drum kits and vintage synths, Orbr crafts a winky retro-future vibe that evokes Rockwell, Danny Breaks, and Total Science.

Orbr brings fresh life and a playful energy to jungle / drum & bass, borrowing elements of Detroit techno, trance, and European synthwave. Influences include Mitch Murder, Rustie, FVLCRVM, Lone, Machinedrum, and TEK.LUN.

After a decade of experimenting with drone and dark ambient music, including soundtracks to some local indie short films, Jason returns to his jungle roots with a vengeance.

Since launching his debut single Circuit City in June of 2020, Orbr’s songs have been featured on podcasts by DJ Pfeif and DNB Dojo, and played on Bassdrive and Drum & Bass Network Radio. He has since released a pair of remixes by Minneapolis indie rockers Oaks, sat down for not one, not two, but three interviews with jungledrumandbass.co.uk, collaborated with the legendary Ragga Twins, and signed deals with UK's Locked Up Music and French label FX909.

Under various monikers Jason has appeared on compilations alongside industry giants such as Jazzanova, Miguel Migs, Fila Brazillia, Swag, Andy Caldwell, Beanfield, Nightmares On Wax, Ian Pooley, and Trüby Trio

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