Before Orbr's Maiden Voyage

Even though I released Orbr’s debut single Circuit City in June 2020, I was laying the groundwork for Orbr’s true maiden voyage the previous summer. 

Orbr is my drum & bass avatar, but the first few songs I recorded under that name were far from the world of jungle. I knew I wanted to lean hard in a sci-fi direction, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use house, techno, ambient, or even experimental as the genre vehicle for that work. 

I came across the Cassena Lander masters recently and decided they deserved a quick remaster and re-release for posterity. And for fun!

You can stream the Cassena Lander EP songs for free at my other blog.

A shorter version of the Cassena Lander EP was released briefly on Bandcamp in late 2019, and then taken down when I realized I wanted to take things in a D&B direction. 

There’s a naive simplicity at work here, which is understandable given I’d worked with GarageBand for exactly a month before recording these songs. (I hadn’t even heard of Logic at this point.) 

The lack of sophisticated production techniques is a refreshing change from some of the more bonkers recent Orbr adventures. It’s almost a relief to the ear. Three of the five songs are more or less straight ambient, giving the EP a nice spacey vibe.

Hope you enjoy!

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