Before Orbr's Maiden Voyage

Even though I released Orbr’s debut single Circuit City in June 2020, I was laying the groundwork for Orbr’s true maiden voyage the previous summer. 

Orbr is my drum & bass avatar, but the first few songs I recorded under…

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I Licensed A Track!

Oh gosh! I licensed a track to a record label!

The new song will be featured on a Locked Up compilation coming out in early 2022.

More details coming soon!

Mystery Rasta Collaboration Coming Soon!

Oh gosh!

I spent the last week putting the finishing touches on a new collaboration with some insanely talented British MCs.

The Horn of Babylon is coming soon! Looks like a mid-February release date.

This will be my first international…

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It's Almost Spooktober!

Whew! What a ride.

I finally have enough Orbr songs recorded to release a new single every three weeks through the end of the year. Now it's time to turn my attention to the darker, less structured side of my…

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Oak St Bluesman EP (2000) (Remastered)

In 1998 I had the insanely exciting opportunity to get signed to an independent record label in San Francisco. The label, Cosmic Flux Musiq, released a handful of my songs before closing up shop a few years later. 

I remastered…

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How Boogie Times Tribe Changed My Life

I spent most of the early '90s chasing down one rave compilation CD after another with next to no idea what I was doing. I was just about to turn 20 and I didn't have a lot of cash to throw around. I spent hours in record stores, tortured over which of a handful of CDs I wanted to hear the most.

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Dragons and Jewels: The Kingdom of Lone

My first exposure to Lone was the refreshing and delightful (if slightly half-baked) Emerald Fantasy Tracks from 2010. Like so many of my electronic albums, I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon it. I’m so glad I did. Galaxy Garden, his follow up collaboration with Machinedrum, made it into my top 20 favorite albums of all time. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. 

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